What is the White Gold ?

White Gold and known as the (platinum), and Platinum chemical element symbol pt in the periodic table, and is classified among the elements that transition metal, and its physical properties hardness, magnetic appeasement, and the tensile strength of the 125-245 element Gigabascal, and bulk modulus his 230 Gigabascal, and a boiling point of 3825 c, and the degree of melting 17680c. And the origin of platinum , a Spanish word that means (small silver), a precious metal, and color gray white, features a platinum largest iron metal strongly but its flexibility, such as gold.

The advantage of this metal force and not to rust, and has to maintain its luster when exposed to air capacity, due to the fact that platinum does not react with oxygen, is not affected by acids that dissolve other metals. Platinum and melted using a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, and combine with the arsenic, silicon, and is characterized by white gold high value compared with yellow gold, as it may be worth double the value of gold.

When discovered platinum (white gold)?

In 1557 AD the year, could the Italian world (Julius Skelijr) the discovery of the metal for the first time, and in the year 1750 was for the Spaniards attempts to discover large quantities of platinum, but at the beginning of his discovery was cheap because the world was not at that time have discovered its value, but when the world realized and specialists The benefits of this metal and its uses in various walks of life began to spread widely and has led to increased demand for it and therefore its price rose ..

The areas of the use of platinum (white gold)

Platinum is used in many areas, used by chemists in laboratories to conduct some scientific experiments samples various acids, and enters the work of panels and thin wire, and also enters in the industry (catalytic converter) which is found in car exhaust. And use his common entry in the jewelry industry because of its strength and hardness, may enter in dental and surgical instruments industry.

There are two types of white gold, the first type of extracted gold and other metals as silver, palladium, copper, and the second type have been manufactured from the same platinum without that blends with other components (pure) platinum. For the first type is not permissible for adornment by men, and is subject to zakaah it should also be in gold and silver, and the second type of pure white gold can be worn by men, but without exaggeration in it.

Can we distinguish between white gold and platinum pure?

Yes, it can be done by (zero) test and have it bring a piece of white gold and try to strep If scratched easily have gone white, or by heating the metal until it turns into a flame, and leave it to cool down. If then turn to the dark color shall be gold, white, If the color has not changed it is platinum.

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