What is a gold bullion ?

Gold bullion is a unit of pure gold measuring pure of impurities, which is extracted from the mines, and the net by about 99% from 24 carat, which makes it more valuable than gold pieces that in addition to stones such as stones or gems or drain and colors, except for workmanship that reduce the value of gold coins on sale, making gold bullion the best option for investors, and as a raw material for jewelry, it is possible to turn them into jewelry at will.

Gold bullion form and price

Gold bullion many forms, but in general be in the form of gold bars or high-purity gold coins, and vary the weight of the ingot gold between five grams and condoms even kilogram, while the price shall be determined based on the high and low price of gold in the global stock market, making sure Gold carat caliber; In case the ingot of pure gold of 24 carat, the price will be higher than alloy caliber 21 carats, it is also important to take into account the difference in the price of currencies little impact on the gold price, and thus the price of the alloy, as it should be noted that an ounce Gold equal to 31.1 grams, 25 grams and is not, and after the price of ingot account is added a commission to the seller or broker

How to invest Gold bullion

You can get gold bullion in several ways, the first being: Using devoted to gold trading shops, which displays the sizes and shapes of different alloys, or by the global stock market, or by companies, brokers and agents specialized trade in gold bullion, in which case the Company reserves usually bullion The investing to add profits to the investor’s account, and the distinctive thing in this business is that it is possible to sell at any moment, and there is always buys over the investor if a sudden financial distress can sell gold bullion in the same way that he bought it.

Tips for investors in gold bullion

Any person who wishes to invest in the gold market should be watching the stock market permanently market, and to be very careful you get to the amendments to the gold price continuously even buy at a low price, and sell on rallies; Investing in gold bullion needs to intelligence and wisdom and experience in Trade and global markets, and that the person must always come from the ingot certificate to ensure quality, and to avoid being cheated or cheating, as is preferred that the investor avoids any offer from the merchants to invest in jewelry; where he would lose part of its investment when selling due to workmanship.

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