Top five secrets you should know about gold trading, and how to invest in gold and silver ?

Are you looking for the most important ways to trade gold?

Do you know how and where you can buy and sell gold?

Did you know the families of R fracture gold trade?

All these are questions we will answer them in this article

Gold investment is one of the most important types of lucrative trade, which you can invest it. But also one of the most common types of trade concern and awe, because when you want to invest your money in gold trade and to make it is a safe haven for you, you do intervene in the context of a lucrative business, but at the same time you stand on the edge of the abyss in terms of choice of this type of Commerce.

gold investment makes many of the investors and also individuals entering at the center of serious concern in terms of insecurity and constant fear on Mguetnayathm in terms of:

1. How to storage.

2. Methods of sales and procurement methods.

3. Fear of prices either up or down.

4. Their knowledge of how to sell time?

5. What is the right price to sell?

6 g What is the right price to buy?

gold investment is one of the types of high-quality trade, in which the gains are high and the loss be modeled so heavy, so FD pays a lot of investors in the gold trade to chronic anxiety.

In order to recognize these points and to make the anxiety away from us when our investment in the gold trade. Let me Ostahbkm now on a tour simplified to identify the gold trade and types and a lot of activities based upon and also features and their own flaws, in an effort to help spread the simple knowledge of the many who want to invest on gold both from investors gold or Allzbn individuals want to trade in gold , and I hope along the lines that you will find what you are looking for in this article, and you will find that what relieves the souls of anxiety inherent to the gold trade.

And perhaps reduce this anxiety may help you in finding your chance of successful trade in gold and other precious metals and high-value.

Types of gold investment

There are several types of gold investment for, where this trade is determined by the quality of the gold itself and also traders in the gold market and do not forget also the buyer, quality of

markets to identify the buyer, who leads them to buy and also gold type type determined by the buyer who wants, so let’s enumerate the most important Types of gold in the first place.

1. raw gold trade (concrete gold):

Gold ore and is intended to gold in the concrete forms of gold coins and ingots, high-purity 24 and without ornaments and jewelry. If you are from GIGABYTE raw gold trade, now you have two ways to buy gold for investment, and this in the form of gold bullion or gold coins, and is important to know how the correct gold trade? And continuous learning of the price, when to sell gold? And when to buy?

Raw gold bullion trade

Raw gold bullion (gold ore trade)

2. Gold bullion:

Is to have many different types of shapes and weights, as there are , and this type is that commensurate with the small investors in gold, units higher as gold alloy with a weight of 400 ounces or available kilo of alloy pure gold, and this kind commensurate with more big investors in gold or investors in the banks, and no matter how different forms of gold bullion still exist options for all who believe that it can be based trade by selling gold and buying gold bullion.

And he prefers to work on successful investing in gold, that the ingot be one piece, because the trader will take a commission on each piece when buying. And this reduces profits when selling, then later anticipation begins to rise when the price of gold, and at the time of sale.

Where you can buy and sell gold bullion:

The first way: and shall be through an authorized agent, such as a company or bank and to ensure buy gold ingot of gold stocks, as you keep thy gold certified company or bank that deal with him with, and also the sale and purchase of other alloys depending on the price of gold on the day in stock markets and this may will evaluate with the time you pass in the gold trade, although the company is to receive a commission on every sale and purchase made through them, and also the customer can apply for a gold ingot its own with full afford the cost of shipping to the place where he wants , and that method is considered suitable only for trading in the gold market through the trading market and what suits him, and so it fits large investments and not to retain the allegiance of gold when crises.

The second way: and shall be by buying gold alloy – 24 carat through gold traders (Shops goldsmiths), I have some big gold shops in most countries, their own places to display forms and different weights of gold bullion, and that can be purchased also Individuals who want to trade gold through gold shop who trust it, and also the purchase of these stores regular gold jewelry, and for science there is a difference in how to account for the price of ingot gold price in regular jewelry.

3 Gold Coins and Gold Investment:

Gold coins gold gold trade there of gold coins many forms, including the exclusive currency of gold, but it is not a problem in any of the graphics, and there are other currencies comes some of which are laced with copper and containing about 91.67% pure gold and the remainder copper, and the piece for ease of set up and draw some markings on it, and the gold coins are very popular are considered among collectors, but they do not fit entirely with investing in gold, and that the large sums due to the high some of the costs on them, and usually gold coins be sealed state of origin or supplier and it said that with the number of grams, and also the quality of it is made of gold. Investing on gold coins depends on the art and large sums of money and a good selection of quality.

Where you can buy and sell gold coins to gold trading ?

Ways to buy and sell gold coins for gold bullion for not determine the currency in which you want to invest the type and different because there has a lot of sites and exchanges traded, and there are currency and traders amateurs who use forex trading to search for ancient her assets, and excess interest them and work on them as a symbol of the history and values ​​of symbols as well as the diversity of civilizations If you want to invest in gold coins There are three ways:

Method One: Find companies and the location of the trading gold coins and also sell gold and other types of shares traded markets and there is this kind of security markets to look for in your investment, whether you are a big investor or you’re one of the individuals who want to start trading gold.

The second way: and are the most dangerous roads, but if you have a person that you trust and is the buying and selling by currency traders and they are traders who are doing permanent research on the same ancient assets ancient coins and ancient history since ancient times and the Middle Ages they have a experience the technical and practical experience also you can also learn from them ways of selling these currencies and ways to buy and what is the right price for each currency, but in this one case is that you be absolutely confident in the merchant you are dealing with.

The third way: and this method of road security to buy gold coins and is a large gold shops that have a great interest for the sale and purchase of currencies, and there are many in most countries where they have a distinctive collection of historical coins and rare coins, and these stores do not sell to you and only you but also bought the currencies in which you have a good and valued If you have a set of rare coins of your own do not want to trade in any of the gold markets or stock exchanges, the orbit of this method is where you find the place, which is estimated what you have.

Trade raw gold through banks and companies?

In terms of safety and efficacy exist a lot of features available for sale and purchase of raw gold, which make the raw gold trade in the first rank in terms of this type of trade. Since it became clear to all of us in the past kinds of raw gold that can be traded, it will offer features that relate to how to deal with this kind of more for the stability sufficient for investment information effectively trade, and also for the construction of building solid based upon Permanent thinking among investors and individuals. If you have the availability of what you want and now you want to learn how to do so safely and effectiveness profile, you have some of the banks and companies available in this area:
Banks and companies:

It helps the presence of private companies to sell and buy raw gold and working in this area banks, to secure the presence of sufficient experience, and the ability to effectively service they have provided permanent and give in terms of safety and reliability. And also works on the availability of evidence of ownership due to the seller and the buyer, and also have a permanent presence of prices in the suspended buying and selling by global markets and domestic markets, and the value of the discount and the amount of commissions as well. As they inspect, transport, customs clearance, insurance and security guards during shipping operations, where implementing agreements disclosure, and emphasis on complete confidentiality with commercial information available to the sale and purchase, and keeping sources intermediaries and their rights, third-party litigation and international arbitration. And examples of some reliable international banks in this area:

o Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse)



o ABN Amro

1- Features gold ore trade:

• safety and effectiveness in sales and purchases. (Because gold is not a commodity bought and sold anywhere).

• full guarantee of capital among investors and individuals. (In the sense that the head of the owner would be content to have as something tangible, and money is not acted at any time, so your capital is fixed until you sell and buy again).

• Effective profit when the price increase. (At higher price in the market, the investor or the individual to know how effective this price, according to his experience in gold who shall sell immediately and increases the profits).

• Dealing with permanent validity product. (Gold is not like other goods damage from the environment factors, but metal and resist environmental factors and not even with the passage of time destroys glitter always remain mettle, so it becomes a permanent validity).

• eligibility manages sales and acquisitions control. (This own your business and you have the experience, you are director of its full and everything it be under your authority you with market continued to have).

• proof of ownership of the seller and the buyer for the existence of a tangible product.

Disadvantages of raw gold Investment :

• slow buying and selling process. (Commitment to market prices and the global market for gold When high prices begin to decline when to sell and buy what you need) This is what slows down the sale and purchase of the presence also of economic crises in many countries operations.

• Find Permanent markets to ensure the right price for the sale and purchase.

• Find gold traders who work in the same field.

• High and sudden decline in prices. (Where you need to follow the market prices of severe continuity you do not know when to rise and when gold will decline, because it does not adhere to a certain hour, and his change every minute).

• difficult and dangerous storage process. (Because this type of gold is very difficult to store at home for insecurity and vulnerability to theft, this type of content he have a very safe place to store it).

• long-term profitability. (Gold trade in particular, the kind of very profitable investment, but profitability is not permanent every day, and the profitability of gold but take time and depending on market prices and at a certain time are buying and selling and thereby increasing the profit, but in the long term).

2. Used Gold

Used Gold trade fracture present in the majority of the gold shops, and is a kind of trade types practiced by traders yellow metal (gold). And gold breakage or user is gold, which is sold to a goldsmith, thereby acting jeweler to do the burn, and in order to remove impurities in it resulting from the use of, or be deducted percentage of weight when you buy, and that happens in the event of non-recourse to the burning process, as is also get rid of the lobes and gemstone, if any, with the gold.

And to find out how much gold breakage can Ranked, then weight, then divide it into categories and this is according to , and shall use the magnifying glass to detect it clearly and that if necessary, and this while avoiding the development of any of the gold-plated elements within the gold amount breakage when weight . And if gold weight we can use a little balance Gram, but if a large fraction Gold stock we use your balance, and is the one who converts weight to grams.

Trade gold fracture features

• user after selling gold polished and painted as the new gold.

• buy gold and return the user to remove what it manufactured from other metals and turn it into a tangible gold.

• Convertible top free-owner into a profitable business.

• your capital increase when your trading personal of user gold that you have.

• Trade him do not need to high costs.

• Easy stored and transferred from one place to another.

• Availability of traders who are carrying out the sale.

• buy it at the market price in the stock market without paying workmanship.
Defects trade gold breakage (user):

• Having difficulty in the conduct of gold breakage.

• When selling gold breakage sees a big loss if he was carrying a lot of the lobes and gems.

• sudden decrease in prices.

• difficult to sell when the sale if they existed its own bills when buying.

• When burned for recycled lose a lot of weight.

• When you need to re-manufactured machines for this type of manufacturing such machines (burning, and painting).

• the availability of recycling workshops If you want to trade it solo.

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