Today Gold Rate in Pakistan

Gold Rate are not fixed and fluctuate on daily basis as it is one of the most precious and highly demanded ornaments in the world. The gold Rate are merely based on its elegance, glamour and charm. You can also view the units like tola in various 24K per tola, 22K per 10 grams, and 22 K per tola.

The prevailing value of gold in Pakistan and other countries of the world has always been a much sought-after item both for men and women of all ages. Gold rates vary daily as it is one of the most loved and precious elements in Pakistan. For a woman, the designs and the sizes of golden jewels are more important than the gold price and they are willing to pay any amount for the jewelry they fall in love with. Gold has always been the first love for every woman and many men since the advent of civilization as much as it is today.

Gold rate Pakistan today is still taking it on the chin, now gold keep on track for a 4.5-year low today. After short term peaking at $1,250.25 an ounce on October 21, it has been fallen steadily to $1,142. Gold futures were last quoted down $26 at $1,141.70 an ounce. Three main factors have contributed to why Today’s gold price is going down. The dollar’s been on a tear for months. A strong U.S. dollar works against gold. Gold price and gold today rates in Paksitan are generally subject to two main factors. First of course is the the international gold rates and prices. If international gold rates and prices fall or rise, Gold rates Pakistan also fall or rise accordingly.

This phenomena is not only true for Pakistan but for the rest of the world too. The second important factor in determining gold price and gold rate in Pakistan is the Pakistan rupee-dollar rate. Gold prices and rates in Pakistan will rise invariably whenever the Pakistani rupee falls and vice versa.

It looks like supply and demand have to do little with the rise and fall of Gold prices and gold today rate. There could be several reasons for this. However, one of the main reasons looks like Pakistan seems to have abundant supply of Gold. The main viewpoint toward of this gold rates page is into the future occurring in the ventilate of the keep for International spot prices of gold 24K / Ounce in US$ dollar and its converted currency value in Pakistani rupees. International gold rates values are plus within benefit in 24K/Tola, 24K/10gm and 22K/Tola, 22K/10gm. Pakistan Saraf Jewelers Associations gold rates for local aerate are along with showing upon this page in carat 24K/Tola, 24/10gm, and carat 22K/Tola, 22K/10gm and silver per 10/gm rates for every unorthodox cities subsequently Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpinidi upon daily basis.

Today  Gold Rate in Pakistan

Gold prices has drastically dipped in local market by whopping Rs.4,000 per tola. The plunge has served a severe blow to many a seasonal investor who had purchased gold on the heels of rise in the process of gold locally and internationally. A report said such investors have lost billions with the decline in price. The All Pakistan Jewellers Association says The gold prices has decreased by Rs.4,000 to reach Rs.57,000 a tola. Earlier, GOLD PRICE had hit all-time high of Rs.62,000 per tola. gold prices shave been decreasing gradually in Pakistan since a few months, with a few exceptions of increases; the general gradient of gold prices is going down. Investors are now doubting gold as a potential investment, as international analysts are also not optimistic about its recovery. If you are wondering what exactly caused this gold phenomenon, here are some theories. The US dollar was seen to trade a 14 month high around track for its nine week of profit in a argument. This made the dollar stronger, which implied that a stronger dollar weighs regarding gold as its, is priced in dollars.

The VALUE OF GOLD will fade away in the company of an combined in the value of gold. Hence it will succession a few dollars to make a get of gold. Secondly, in July Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen avowed that conflict rate increases may come sooner and be more unexpected than currently envisioned. Last month the Federal Open Market Committee revealed that the central bank may lift its rates if the economy continues to strengthen. This was just a speculation, but it affected the gold appearance around in a bad pretentiousness as it caused the dollar to rise and progressive captivation rates benefit to demean GOLD RATES. The fed is looking to graze its monthly concord buying program by $10 billion and will sit in judgment whether to raise combination rates or not. This get decision will admit area in its upcoming meeting and investors have their eyes pinned upon this meeting.

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