Step by step .. let you know how to invest in gold bullion

When you see the pictures in the economic programs of workers who transfer gold bullion you are wondering: Do you invest in gold bullion that I can? Do check and that the way the super-rich? And it is available for individuals to obtain and invest in gold bullion, or is it the preserve of governments to be just reserves, which no one knows the answer is that many gold bullion available to everyone, and is a safe haven for investment.

Before going into the steps to invest in gold bullion, should offer specifications real gold bullion, gold Valsbakh is a piece of high-purity gold, made of 24 carat gold, the purity of 99.99% and its many forms, and have different weights ranging between five grams and kilogram of pure gold, but gold is common to alloy weight is 31.1 grams.

And the question here is: Can the sale of such gold bullion? Yes .. and if he is selling the usual ornaments made of gold, but the sale of bullion has caught on at any of the vendor went to Thouliha of Costume, and can also be selling gold bullion exchanges in London and New York, India, China.

There are different ways to buy gold bullion, the best is to mandate the bank to buy gold from gold exchanges alloy, or resort to companies selling gold bars scattered online and search for a company that has a good reputation, and that you are buying gold ingot, and delivered to your door, and can be left ingot in the possession of the company, and to carry out the sale and purchase of gold bullion without possession, and sufficiency to invest in gold bullion without possession. You can also buy gold bullion from the major gold shop in each country, they offer gold bullion, but be prepared for each client upon request.

But is there an advantage to invest in gold in the form of gold bullion to make it better than holding gold in the form of Costume? Of course there are several advantages make many people prefer to invest in gold in the form of alloy and is to buy gold bullion be a crossover, where you will not pay gold manufacturing costs that must be borne in the case of purchase of gold in the form of jewelery, and the commission gold seller in the case of the alloy to be semi-fixed, and can be agreed upon, and is not to exceed 2%, and can be agreed on 1% in some cases.

Important feature in case of sale of Gold Bullion you when you sell the ornaments the buyer to deduct the value of the industry, and buy gold as a raw material, and here you lose about 10% of the value of gold, as the buyer will deduct the price of any cloves decorated by gold, and is make you lose more than the value of gold ornaments, and therefore your possession gold bullion will make your earnings to invest in gold double

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