Increasing purchases make gold maintains levels above $ 1,200

The sharp decline in gold prices over the past week led to Antdy price and touches the level of $ 1199 an ounce after what was touching above levels near $ 1230, and the day Vavcth gold trading weekly on the diagonal contrast to the ups and despite the strength of the dollar and rising US dollar index, however, Gold cohesion above $ 1203 levels due to the closure of some European markets and the Memorial holiday in the United States.

But analysts and experts referring to those the possibility of the rise of the dollar, especially with the increase in purchases of after profit-taking in the light of the closure of the main markets where it is likely to rise above the price of gold to levels close to US $ 1215 per ounce and It weak side if gold will fall even close to the levels of $ 1190.

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