How To know Real Gold ?

Gold is a precious metals which have been known for thousands of years, and can exist freely in nature, or mixed with other elements, a glossy and heavy element, and a softer metals, found in rivers and rock deposits. Gold retains its value because it affects the monetary policies, the global economy and often depends on the price of gold up and down.

Gold is one of the months metals used in making jewelry, and used for decoration women throughout the ages, and is synthesized and handle it in the form of alloy, which is a block of pure gold, which are fused to manufacturing in the form of various jewelry process. Classifies gold as caliber, and calculates the caliber by gold ratio compared with other metals that make up the ornaments; where the proportion of gold if the caliber 24 is high compared to the 18 carat gold; because the blended metal ratio with gold are larger, and thus the price of gram gold 24 More than 18 carat gold.

Ways to Tell If Gold Is Real

– The existence of the stamp: a label be located on a piece of gold.

– The use of a magnet: It can tell if gold adulterated or not by the magnet; where magnet of gold if gold was attracted to the magnet it has a ratio of iron. This is one quick and easy way to detect cheating gold.

– You can use vinegar; where it is put a piece of gold in the vinegar If turning gold color to black is not gold; because gold does not react with the elements and acids.

– Use of nitric acid; as has the ability to solve the metals, but gold does not dissolve in this acid got the erosion it is not gold, but least our stomachs.

– Rub a piece of gold plank Ceramics; if not leave Luna be gold, but if the emulator it leaves an impact on ceramics because gold has a yellow color glossy, and when Knit piece gold ceramic and the appearance of yellow color dark will be seen that piece of gold mixed with copper, so the piece of gold be adulterated.

Gold Uses

– Gold Use for thousands of years in the instrument coin; because gold material has a high value, and are used in financial transactions for a long time.

– Gold is widely used in the electronics industry, because of the important characteristics enjoyed by such as: the ability to connect the power supply with high efficiency, high corrosion resistance, making it ideal for devices that are characterized by low volts such as mobile phones, television, and connecting wires.

– Gold is used in the computer hardware industry because of its ability to excellent conductivity.

– Gold is used in dentistry; because of inert elements, and because of the ease of dealing with him, and composition in the use of cosmetic fillers.

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