How to invest your money in gold ?

The most important different ways to invest in gold?

The first way: or spot market is the way followed by the top buyers and institutions where they buy gold from major banks to London and is one of the most important global market centers instant gold trade, which determine the price of gold, as are transactions settling at about $ 18 billion in the London daily, and here is not the transfer of gold and that To avoid the risk of cost and security risks grew transactions are settled through paper transfers.

Not be regarded as London is the only major spot market to trade gold, but there are major Instant other markets for gold which India, China and the Middle East, Singapore, Turkey, Italy and the United States.

The second way: – futures markets

In futures exchanges, investors trading contracts for the sale or purchase of a particular commodity at a fixed price and delivery date certain in the future.

COMEX market is in New York Mercantile Exchange, the largest market in the world for gold futures contracts in terms of volume.

China launched its first Chinese Stock Exchange gold futures contracts in January 2008 was also the launch of futures exchanges for decades in several other countries, including India and Turkey, as well as Dubai.

The third way: – traded funds

In ETFs are backed by issuing yellow metal securities allowing for investors to take advantage of the potential of the gold market without receiving the metal itself

The Fund. De .ar Gold Trust Fund is the largest trader powered gold equivalent where the fund’s holdings more than half of global annual mine supply and prices today worth about $ 51.8 billion.

One of the main gold-backed funds traded fund iShares COMEX Gold Trust Fund and Gold Bullion Securities, a subsidiary of ITN F Securities Fund and any TFS Vezekl Gold and Gold Vezekl Fund of the Cantonal Bank of Zurich other.

Fourth way: – bullion and coins

This method followed by most local investors where they buy gold from metals traders in specialized stores or on the Internet and pay a premium in exchange for a small investment products increase between five to 20 percent on the spot market price based on the size of the product and the level of demand.

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