How to invest in gold?

Investing in gold is a process quite easy, today Fbalamkan investment by many banks in the world, where you can buy

And sale of gold on a daily basis, this is the method among the top investors in the world’s gold, of course, intended to trade gold Bookiet

Stored in international banks, while also possible to trade gold in other ways such as trading in cosmetic jewelery or any other things made of this metal.

I want to invest in gold, what are the first steps?

Trading in gold require you to the opening of trading in the global banking account, or through electronic banking and trap mediation, which offers trading methods through the World Wide Web, Internet, where can shops to buy gold unit per ounce, which is determined by the price globally automatically and is fixed, just like foreign exchange rates, the establishment of rolling these deals through a computer or even mobile.

What is a unit of weight used in the gold market?

Ounce, which is about 30 grams of pure gold is traded in the world’s central banks, which determine foreign exchange rates in the world through the changes that may occur in the price of condoms.

What is the price per ounce, and how you can profit from buying it?

Ounce price change every moment, a continuous rise in four years ago, now fetch up to more than US $ 1600

What is the number  which you can buy in the capital markets?

This is determined by the brokerage firm that traded with them, the maximum price set by big companies may reach about 100 thousand ounces, can also buy more of these quantities by certain other technologies.

Is it possible to sell always? Is it possible that people sometimes is not available for purchase?

This possibility is always available, as long as I was able to purchase, always will be able to sell, without any limitation of the size of the deal,

What is the minimum time within which the embodiment of profits?

The price of an ounce of gold is always changing, if you purchase one ounce of $ 1600, it is likely that the price rises or falls by a few moments only, and may, for example, the price drops to $ 1590 in an hour and then come back to rise again in 1610 during the hour

Is it possible to determine a future price for the sale of gold is automatic?

Yes Most trap mediation enables rolling to determine selling price or even purchase automatically without the need to monitor market

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