How Is Gold Extracted From The Earth

Gold is a precious metal, one of the types of metals and chemical element symbol (Au), and the atomic number is 79, a metal soft and shiny, and is yellow in color, it has been used since ancient times as a kind of mutual exchange between peoples and traders. There is gold in nature in the river bottoms in the form of granules, also located inside the rocks, or may be found in the form of veins within the Earth’s interior, which is usually found with other metals as a metal copper, or lead, which is characterized by Benahumich, chemical and density, and the lack of you eat, has the largest bloc of gold was discovered in 1896 in Australia.

Gold extract from the ground of the Earth and from the veins rock gold-bearing, which is there in abundance in the United States as a state of California, and the state of Dakota, and Alaska, as there are in South Africa, and in the West Osturabia, and in Ontario, Canada, and in the Urals, but the (rand ) in South Africa accounts for forty percent of the proportion of gold production in the world.

Gold is considered nowadays the task of monetary base in the whole world, the coins it handles the basis of the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements. The gold and many other uses. In an earlier time was the Pharaohs use it in making , and their vehicles, and persuaded them (Tutankhamen), and because of its distinctive properties Cleonth, and ease of dragging and composition, effective against corrosion and resistance, it can be mixed with other chemical elements such as copper, and silver, to get the solid alloy, mixed with platinum as well, and as a result it can be used in the manufacture of jewelery and precious jewelry beautiful, which is what is known gold (yellow) which is mixed with copper, silver, and zinc, As well as white gold mixed with palladium, and tin.

Gold is not limited to use in the field of jewelry and coins only, it has been discovered magical effectiveness in dental treatment, Lin metal is corrosion resistant, is also used in the treatment of bone infections, and arthritis, rheumatism and chronic diseases, and some cancers. The funny thing that this precious metal enters in the preparation of certain foods, drinks, and desserts.

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