Gold Souk Kuwait All You Need To Know

Gold Souk Kuwait for gold jewelry meet old traditions with new technology trends. The gold market is located next to the old market in Mubarakiya is a huge concrete building looks like a modern shopping centers, but the traders in the gold shops are still running their business in the same old ways.

Managed cups of tea and tells stories while the pieces are displayed in front of the customer’s choice. The choice is usually confusing, and the prices are reasonable when compared to prices in most other places in the world, and make traders gentleness and integrity, or even just review, fun.

While the gold trade is not my favorite trade among young people in Kuwait, but they still love to buy gold for themselves or as gifts for special occasions or as a kind of investment. Says Abu Ali, and agree with him in that Indian gold dealers who work in the shop at IBM for jewelry and place the yolk of jewelry, that young people these days prefer simple and light designs weight which are often studded with diamonds, and the adult women in the age there still prefer large pieces and decorative.

In the past, women were wearing huge necklaces weighing six hundred or seven hundred grams or even one kilogram. The young people now prefer pieces that fit for everyday wear. We are exported many contemporary pieces from Italy, while manufactured massive and traditional pieces in Kuwait

Gold was through the ages is a way of security for women in this part of the world. Until a few decades ago it was common to see Bedouin women wear all possess in the form of groups of anklets, necklaces and heavy gold chains. In addition to the fun that had felt by the wearing of those ornaments, Be also feel a sense of satisfaction of owning investment can be traded or sold at any time.

Gold coins and jewelry made in the form of pieces are still common and the increasing demand, even more than the demand for gold bullion.

These pieces made by the ancient Turkish pieces known as design (of 22 carat) are actually made locally and by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait seal. This piece is called pounds and weighs 7.2 grams, while the larger pieces known as the pentagon and weighs 36 grams, and these weights traditional weights of gold. When someone is wearing jewelery in the form of pounds or pentagon, the others have the experience of gold immediately know they are real


At the beginning of the global economic downturn it became amount of jewelry used by the re-formulation industry generates billions of dollars, but in other parts of the world has many companies taking advantage of their customers, so you pay a fraction of the actual value of the jewelry. Here in Kuwait, the honor of the profession which he has traders and regulations ministry prevented that.
The bulk of the jewelry market in Kuwait specialized selling gold jewelery studded with stones, especially diamonds,

The diamond wedding, which consists of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and often white gold plated, highly demanded by customers of shops jewel crews. These kits range from 5,000 to 10,000 Kuwaiti dinars or more.

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