Gold Souk Dubai

You can not go to Dubai without going to Dubai Gold Souk even if you do not want to buy anything soon as you walk in this market, Dubai Gold Souk is the most famous but by no means is the only place to buy gold in Dubai.

Which includes the city of Dubai has earned the title of “City of Gold” well-deserved areas and shops where many varieties of jewelry and gold jewelery belonging to multiple sources of the most important of the old gold market exposure for being the largest in the provision of gold jewelery in the world and the most beautiful of them.

Dubai Gold Souk and includes more than 300 gold trader, selling mainly jewelry, you will find a number of shops that are endless sells all kinds of precious yellow metal and white gold jewelry as well as diamonds, pearls and other precious stones.

Dubai Gold Souk in Deira Dubai’s most prominent tourist destination and commercial lovers acquisition of gold around the world, the market and has a large range of shops and a large assortment of appropriate artifacts and prices and a variety of large quantities of bracelets, hoops, rings, diamond cut stones emeralds and rubies.

Although the price of gold determines (based on weight) in accordance with the daily international price, but the price may vary according to the design and ingenuity in the implementation vary, and this gives ample room to bargain and get a good deal.

Dubai Gold Souk

Address: Deira- near Ros- Dubai United Arab Emirates Metro Station

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