Gold Souk Dubai Mall

The largest mall in the world, “The Dubai Mall”, located in the heart of central Dubai (Downtown Dubai) gold market is located, the largest gold markets in the world (according to the statistics indicate), and among the most attractive destinations in Dubai.

Gold Souk includes a very large group of up to 220 stores of gold shops, jewelry of different kinds, precious stones, and there are all kinds of gold jewelry super beauty.

Telling Gold Souk style and design architect outstanding gold trade story which was known by the Arabs in the past, and commercial convoys cross the desert on camel back in the winter and summer, between east and west .. appeared so clearly, contemporary style coil perfection and magnificence in decorative pieces and sculptures scattered here and there on the market space, as well as industrial plants by the commentator Coins elegant technical addendum

Amazing in Gold Souk in The Dubai Mall is not a splendor of gold and jewelry, but splendor of architecture, and the elegance of the design, and His Excellency, which revives models like the failure of Arab kings old days of the Islamic state, and reflect his passes and stone winding design similar to designs traditional markets ancient .. The place the whole It is a masterpiece elegant, well worth a visit .. even if were not of gold and jewelry lovers, and even if it did not intend purchase, visit the gold souk in The Dubai Mall should be part of a tourist trip within the city of Dubai.

At the entrance to Gold Souk find a huge gate with three floors, oriental design breathtaking, it gives an initial picture of what you’ll find once you enter the Gold Souk

The design of Gold Souk came in the form of marquee traditional Islamic motifs inlaid with gold, topped with a giant gilded dome, at a height of up to 50 meters, are stationed in the heart of the market and reflect the art of traditional architecture, making it also one of the attractions of the gold market in the Dubai Mall.

The pavilion was built above the aquarium gives more reflective of magnificence to design the place, as it is linked to the outside corridor huge designer to architect a distinct format to ensure easy access to the Dubai Mall shoppers shopping, and ultimately into Gold Souk.

In the middle of Gold Souk find the courtyard in the middle of pond usually stops then the tourists to rest and photography, and there are also many of the lounges and in which each of them views commendable ..

Surrounds the corridor leading to the senior decorated with trees and plants and colorful flowers, which gives visitors a sense of relief picturesque scenery market, it also includes a number of traditional open cafes, which meets to be an oasis of relaxation for shoppers, and return at the same time for the minds splendor of the old Arab heritage a contemporary style distinctive grainy for all .

Tips before visiting Gold Souk in Dubai Mall

Like any Gold Souk in the world, most of the visitors are expected to be carrying large sums of money, so it is advisable very cautious of thefts within this market, especially if you hold your money in cash or in case I bought some of the ornaments.

Another piece of advice is not to rise above bargain price, is very unusual in the gold market, like most of Dubai’s traditional markets, should not you buy as soon as you offer price, it is often the original price beyond what the seller is saying the first time

As usual, any area in Dubai then you need to download, and locations of places Altaa intends had them, and the Gold Souk map bearing coordinates is no exception .. In any case, if you were not aware of the trends, the follow the signs indicative very necessary, and the’ll find hanging in obvious places across the market ..

My advice is personal and the need to carry a camera with you if I was going to visit the gold market, which is certainly used it since the first day you arrive at the beauty of Dubai .. All that is worth the imaging, and everything in it that of a few, and perhaps impossible.

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