Gold Rate Today Falls To Its lowest level in 5 years

Gold prices fell to their lowest level in five years on Friday with exposure to pressure from a stronger dollar and expectations of an increase in US interest rates this year and with the purchase of China’s less-than-expected amount of the precious metal over the past six years …

-ourgem Chinese statement about reducing reserves of gold and influence it almost directly However, in another statement noted that he is still working on the procurement process, taking advantage of the current low prices

Gold prices fell today to the lowest level in five years at $ 1085 and soon came back to settle above the level of 1100 due to acquisitions and any condensed it will be linked to the last drop causes “strongly US dollar and gains” on the impact of US interest rate hike news.

Previously, we noted that the winning level between 1100 and 1200 are considered areas of purchasing long the investor-term and with low current prices and expectations about landing more or stability we recommend the investor to divide the procurement process on taking advantage of these prices payments and any impairment is coming to him that was done on the raw and alloys caliber 24 only

But surely the rackets will be exploited to the sale and purchase of Forex’s customers contrary to him, taking advantage of the movement of the dollar ..

The price of platinum fell for immediate sale 1.4% to $ 991 an ounce, the lowest level since February 2009 before recovering somewhat to $ 994.25.

Among other precious metals palladium dropped 2.5 percent to 613.47 dollars an ounce, the lowest level since November November 2012. Silver fell 0.9 percent to $ 14.84 an ounce.

The dollar index rose to its highest level since April, supported by strong jobs data in the United States while world stock markets fell after the company results have been disappointing.

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