Gold Rate Dubai Today With Limited Decline And Slow Sales

Gold prices Dubai recorded limited decline Rouht worth between 25 and 50 fils per gram compared to prices last weekend

Dubai price of gold in grams 24k AED 144.75 a decrease of 50 fils compared to its rate last week, while the price of gram total of 22K AED 137.5, a decline of $ 25 fils, while the price of Gram arrived from a 21K to AED 131.75 carats, a decrease of 25 fils, while the price of gram total of 18 carat AED 114 with a drop of 25 fils.

Markets are currently experiencing slower in demand for buying jewelry, bullion, with the decline in tourists sales, especially from the Gulf of families, and with the near school holidays end in the Gulf states, arguing that the limited decline made most traders prefer to wait recording declines stimulating in gold prices.

Director replace «Rekish Jewelry», Rekish Dahnak, said that «the ports are currently experiencing a very limited movement of large and sluggish demand for buying jewelry or bullion, and so affected by a decline in tourist activity sales, which was a very influential factor in stimulating sales during the last week», referring to the that «near the end of the school holiday season, whether in the country or in neighboring Gulf countries contributed to the decline in rates of sales with busy families prepare to return to school, and the departure of a number of families from the Gulf state».

He added that «alloys recorded a sharp decline in demand Finally, compare rates slow witnessed jewelery sales, and to the fact that the current price is significantly stimulating dealers in bullion sector to purchase, whether for savings or investments.» Meanwhile, sales administrator in place of «days Jewelry», Jalish Saqr, pointed out that «sales dropped dramatically recently, with most dealers wait and see for the declines stimulating in gold prices preference, with the spread (rumors) about gold new declines recorded during the period next », indicating that« the most sales in the market is currently concentrated in the purchase of some light weight jewelry, gold coins or small ».

He said that «retreat back dramatically in demand for bullion sales, compared to rates of decline on jewelry sales, especially as the dealers were expecting a big drop in prices, but declines Limited ratios made them prefer to wait».

Furthermore, gold fell in global markets for the third consecutive session, yesterday, after comments from Federal Reserve officials (US central bank) to raise interest rates in June, is still on the table.

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