Gold Prices UAE Today Slips 3 DH Per Gram

Gold prices in Dubai today fell three dirhams per gram in the Dubai gold market.

Traders said gold in Dubai dropped the price of gold did not contribute to an increase in private sales with summer and the lack of tour groups and prepare for the end of the school year

And it recorded the price of gold in Dubai today decline as the price of Gram-24 caliber AED 142.75, while the price of Gram reached 22 carat AED 135.5, and the price of gram of 21 carat carats to 130, and the price of gram of 18 carat AED 112.5.

In spite of the decline in the price of gold below $ 1180 this month and to fall more than three in the United Arab Emirates dirhams those declines did not contribute to increased appetite for gold, especially with the strength of the dollar against a number of foreign currencies, most notably the euro.

Many investors expect gold Tsihih not wave gold prices in the coming period lead gold to levels above $ 1250, which increases the appetite for gold again as a safe haven.

Gold prices fell to their lowest levels in the trading session Thursday, after data showed that the number of people who applied for unemployment benefits in the US last week rose less than expected, to trade near its lowest price since 2000

Focus investor attention on the US employment report released on Friday, and the harm is expected to show an increase of 224 000 jobs in April after an increase of 126 000 jobs in March / March

And was likely to report strong push expectations about the start timing of a rate hike from the central bank while the weak data could affect the dollar and weaken the argument of a rate hike in early.

Recent economic reports have indicated that the economy has slowed since the beginning of the year, prompting many investors to push back expectations about the timing of raising the initial price of the part of the Fed.

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