Gold prices register some profits ahead of the weekend

Gold prices rose today at the end of the week after four losing sessions to trade in the middle of European trading at $ 1203.28 per ounce so far unrealized earnings ratio of 0.75%. This increase comes despite the continuing US dollar in the upside as traders take advantage of last trading day of the week taken it to some of the profits that they have achieved during the week. District US $ 1,200 region remain the most important for traders, where the case has been breached in this area to the lowest traders can put pressure on the price of gold again. The direction of gold prices remain bearish this week, after the release of the minutes of the US Federal Reserve Board, which pointed to the possibility of raising interest rates by next June, prompting the US dollar to rise against a basket of currencies and therefore the pressure on gold prices Meeting.

Gold prices – the percentage of the purchase centers on XAU / USD about 52%, traders yesterday entered into a purchase centers, and was open purchase centers for traders 49%. Procurement centers rose 6.0% than yesterday and 5.7% above the levels of last week. Declined 3.1% sales centers than yesterday and 41.1% below the levels of last week. The total open positions for traders 1.4% more than yesterday and 22.0% below its monthly average. We use speculator Confidence Index Reverse indicator, and the fact that the majority of traders are buyers that refers to the possibility of the low price. Market sentiment has moved from landing to climb than yesterday and last week. Price trends in the recent market sentiment give a look bearish.

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