Gold prices go up with the trend of investors possession of safe-haven assets

Gold prices surged in trading today, with the trend of investors for the acquisition of safe-haven assets, after heightened concerns over the possibility of a Greek exit from the membership, “the euro zone”.

And prompt delivery rose gold price by about 0.3%, down to $ 1179 an ounce, as the futures price of the precious metal increased by about 0.3%, to $ 1177.4 an ounce.

The Greek government announced restrictions on capital movements in the country, and the suspension of the work of banks for a week, and stop trading on the stock exchange today, after ministers refused to finance “the euro zone”, to extend the bailout granted program for Greece, and the suspension of emergency-oriented banks financing.

It is worth mentioning that Greece faces tomorrow, the deadline for the payment of debts owed to the IMF in favor of the value of 1.6 billion euros, amid expectations stalled Athens for payment with the lack of new aid from creditors.

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