Gold prices fell to a limited extent influenced by higher US dollar

Gold prices are trying to return to rising again, but can not, as it continues to decline at a limited scale in today’s trading due this to a lack of investor appetite for the support and buy gold, and gold has witnessed over the past week, the movement of the volatility and the decline limited within the correction in all markets Finance.

Currently, gold is trading at $ 1223.0 per ounce from the opening level in today’s session at $ 1225.50 an ounce, has been hitting a low of $ 1226.10 an ounce and the lowest level at 1226.10 dollars per ounce.

Come fluctuation and decline limited witnessed by the price of gold to the rise of the US dollar levels against major currencies other during last week’s trading, this comes after the CPI data appears in the United States for the month of December last January second has this indicator showed a clear improvement in the inflation rates and this indicates increased spending rates in the US household sector.

There are expectations by the world’s central banks to intervene to resolve the problem of the decline and the decline in control of the market, which makes investors are not able to give up safe investments, wary of taking a step and risk dramatically in risky markets and waiting for what will be presented by the banks of the support during the coming period.

The dollar index, which measures the US currency’s performance against other major currencies in today’s trading, but in a limited way and is currently trading index at the level of 96.81 compared to the level in the opening session today at 96.62, has the highest level scored at 96.89 and the lowest level at 96.62

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