Gold Price In Saudi Per Gram Today

Gold price in Saudi by Riyal as gold price of a gram 24 carat, where today record 143.07 SAR which is equivalent to 38.15 US dollars. As for the gram 22 carat gold, its price has reached to 131.15 SAR which is equivalent to 34.97 US dollars. While gram 21 carat gold record 125.18 SAR or about 33.38 billion US dollars in.

On the other hand, the price of one gram 18 carat gold 107.3 SAR which is equivalent to 28.61 US dollars. While the price of one gram gold 14 gauge reached 83.46 SR any US dollars 22.38. This has scored 10 carat gold price of $ 59.61 SR any US dollars 15.89.

On the other hand, scored kilo gold price of $ 143,064.26 SAR any 38144.37 US dollars, while the price of a pound of gold to 1001.44 SAR which is equivalent to 267.04 US dollars. Finally, with the price of gold Awoqah, the price has reached to 4449.9 SAR equivalent to US dollars 1186.45.

Globally, gold fell to its lowest level in six weeks to settle at the level of 1170 per ounce.

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