Gold prices failed to maintain the level of $ 1,300

gold price was unable to continue at the level of $ 1,300 that it has hit last week, under pressure from the headwinds that brought the euro as well as lower gold price of gold price.

Over the weekend, came the euro under pressure in late on Sunday, more than one percent fell against the dollar to threaten its lowest level in 11 years last week, and suggested expectations after the election in general elections in Greece more volatility and uncertainty in financial markets

In Greece, anti-austerity leftist Syriza party is heading for a big win in the general election in the country, according to official estimates. This can lead to Greece on its debt, and ultimately, he graduated from the euro zone.

Gold price in another $ 1,294 an ounce, just 30 cents below where it ended on Friday.

“From our point of view, the lower the gold with the euro is likely to be a turning and a sign that gold began to restore the historical positive correlation with the euro point,” said analyst James Steel of HSBC Securities.

In other precious metals silver fell only two cents to the current $ 18.28 an ounce.

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