Gold jumps to highest level in two weeks due to expectations of US interest

Gold prices rose on a large scale European market on Thursday registered its highest level in two weeks with the US currency falling hit by the disappointing statement the Federal Reserve trimmed expectations of raising US interest rates by September next September.

Gold trading by 08:47 GMT, around $ 1195.74 an ounce time of the opening level of $ 1185.00, and recorded the highest level of $ 1197.79 highest in two weeks, and a minimum of $ 1183.52.

Download the dollar index, which measures the US currency’s performance against a basket of currencies for the second day in a row and lost about 0.7 percent of its value, its lowest level in four weeks 93.81 points, with a succession of selling the US currency operations after the statement the Fed issued yesterday, which reduced expectations of raising the prices interest during the September meeting with the lifting by 25 basis points during the last meeting of the prospects for this year.

The Federal Reserve said in the final statement of the meeting of the FOMC monetary policies of the two-day the world’s largest economy strong is probably enough to withstand an increase in interest rates by the end of the year, but cut the Council its forecast for economic growth for 2015 to 2 percent from 2.7 percent during the forecast Previous and Oaaz to the expectations of the worst recession in the first quarter of this year, as expectations of interest rate cut of the Council over the next year, and keep the expectations this year at 0.625 percent.

This is expected the US economy many important throughout this day, the data represented in consumer prices for the month of May, one of the most important inflation measure economy, the largest in the world indicators, and improve the pace of inflation is very reliable monetary policy Federal Reserve makers before tightening monetary policy, also issued jobless claims for the week ended June 13 June

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