Gold benefits from the Swiss central decisions stable at $ 1277 per ounce

Gold earring high with the end of trading on Friday, its highest level since the first of September, surpassing all expectations of analysts and yesterday to $ 1282 level per ounce, up $ 54 from the opening prices and by the rise of more than 4.41 percent in one week, taking advantage of the panic which traders and investors hit together as a result of turning markets to safe havens and away from risk concerns that seized all the markets where the hit new Swiss franc levels of all the values of European currencies and Asian prices as well as the greenback ended Nyumks new York Stock Exchange trading on Friday at $ 1277 the stability of the high powered applications for purchase of precious metals markets and goldsmiths next purchase orders from the governor and investment funds may be the psychological factor is the biggest perpetrators of the high prices, because compared to the lowest price of gold last November and the current price, we find I climb difference exceeds $ 150 and this translates that the reaction of the markets towards the gold was exaggerated as a result of the power of a storm decisions Swiss, which “was like the straw that broke the camel’s back,” and we expect to continue the psychological impact on investors more Allakabbal possession of gold and the level expected in 1300 exceeded in the case of the continuation of current market data.

Economic stations in the coming days will be prominent signs in determining the price of gold curve during the month of January and eyes looking forward to the Greek elections and before the result of the European Central meeting and the extent of the expected stimulus packages issued to protect Aoro which fell to levels exceeded Altoqat and became the euro equivalent of 1.15 against the dollar On the other hand we expect to have a drop in oil prices, which exceeded 50 percent within a few months to form a more risk to the investment appetite and this will hurt overall in the value of an ounce and important value of the dollar rose the next few days will be the impact of the dollar on gold Mahud result of decoding the inverse relationship between gold link and the dollar even if interest rates were to move the gold will remain on the stability and cohesion at current levels or near the level of $ 1,200 per ounce.

There may be a fall in prices limited proportions in the coming days, mostly caused by profit-taking processes and these declines will be a good opportunity for those who missed the last few days of purchase and train a price correction at $ 1255 is not ruled out in these cases.


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