Gold and correction expected Today

Gold prices opened last week to a significant rise where she was able to come into contact during Tuesday’s level of $ 1214 per ounce, but this increase did not   long where prices fell strongly during the last week to lose the gold all its gains and breaking support levels so that prices touched the level of $ 1169.10 an ounce and closed at This US $ 1177.40 despite the weakness of the dollar, but the stock market gains attracted investors to it thus weakening momentum SPV.

But analysts and experts, believe that gold could see a slight recovery with the decline in US stock indexes over the next week, according to their expectations as though all eyes will be heading towards the next Fed Minutes and statements of work for the month of April market meeting, as though there are those who expect the continuation of the sharp drop, but after awaited correction where It is expected to head toward price levels close to 1150 dollars per ounce.

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