Dubai Gold Rate 22k Hit DH 139 Today

Gold prices posted yesterday altitudes ranging between two pennies worth three dirhams per gram of different calibres, compared to prices late last week, according to the quoted prices in markets Dubai and Sharjah.

The outlets in the two emirates officials, that price rises contributed to the slow sales in the markets, especially after the boom witnessed in the past week, affected by the celebration of New Year’s Day, arguing that the bullion and currency sales were more affected than gold jewelery, which benefited from the tourist traffic.

The price of a gram of gold of 24 carat AED 146.25, an increase of three dirhams, while the price of gram total of 22 carat AED 138.75, an increase of $ 2.5 dirhams compared to the previous week.

And the price of a gram of 21 carat carats to 133 dirhams, up $ 2.5 dirhams, the price of gram of 18 carat AED 115, an increase of Darhaman. The director of the shop «Rekish» Jewelry, Rekish Dahnak, that «the market is currently experiencing the features slow in gold jewelery sales, compared with rates of activity recorded by the transactions during the past week, which saw demand for jewelery sales, affected Bmnaspti Holiday Christmas and New Year’s Day».

He added that «the recent price hikes have contributed to the slow uptake of outlets, especially bullion and gold coins, with dealers anticipation of price stability and a return to buy».

For his part, the head of the company «Hitalabila» Jewellery, Sani Hitalabila, that «the markets experiencing slower limited rates, after the rapid changes in gold prices recently, and compared to current sales last week, which saw the New Year’s celebrations, and her holiday which contributed to the sales growth rates Note ».

Hitalabila and expected to see the gold jewelery sales, especially in Dubai, improved gradually in the coming days, supported bids Dubai Shopping Festival, and the popularity of the largest tourist traffic rates during the winter season.

Furthermore, said the Director of the jewelry store «Kiran», Krish Kumar, that bullion and gold coins are the most points during the current period in the gold markets, pointing to the slow demand for purchase after the holidays, which contributed to the revitalization of gold sales season.

He added that gold jewelry is the least affected by the rallies of prices compared alloys, with sales rates limited the continuation of Arab tourists and foreign nationals.

He stressed that «the movement of tourist groups increasingly high rates during the middle of January each year, references to expect an improvement in sales, especially if prices are low rates recorded, or continued at the approach of the current rates.

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