Consumer confidence and sales of new US homes make gold sub-par data

After the contrast and cohesion experienced by the price of gold since the beginning of this week above $ 1200, collapsed the price of gold with the opening of Asian markets to fall to levels close to the support line at $ 1195 per ounce and either ahead of the release of US data, including consumer confidence and new home sales index declined price sharply But yesterday to $ 1186 level where these data were positively and rose by more expectations which made the dollar index complements of his career to the top.

But analysts and experts They were have pointed out that the gold is threatened by relegation with continued high gold prices, but the sharp decline has surprised everyone as some pointed out that the important support line located at $ 1190 and there are those who point out that gold may continue to fall to levels close to $ 1176 an ounce, especially if the yellow metal managed to break the support level at $ 1183 to the bottom, according to expectations.

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