Gold prices are trying to return to rise again, but can not, as it continues to decline at a limited scale in today’s trading due this to a lack of investor appetite for the support and buy gold, and gold has witnessed over the past week, the movement of the volatility and the decline limited within the correction in all markets Finance. Currently, gold is trading at $ 1223.0 per ounce from the opening level in today’s session at $ 1225.50 an ounce, has been hitting a low of $ 1226.10 an ounce and the lowest level at 1226.10 dollars per ounce. Come fluctuation andRead More →

Gold loses its luster

It was clear that we have entered a new phase of speculative in gold, which is based on a combination of factors most notably the promotion of some of the phrases that does not understand the nature or significance vast audience of small investors, most notably that gold is the only safe haven in this world, and the world was in war, and everyone was vulnerable to homelessness and eviction from his work or place of residence so that gold is a safe haven within the sandal weight and Ola price. A safe haven for whom? And why? Must not question him chanting of thisRead More →


Gold Rate are not fixed and fluctuate on daily basis as it is one of the most precious and highly demanded ornaments in the world. The gold Rate are merely based on its elegance, glamour and charm. You can also view the units like tola in various 24K per tola, 22K per 10 grams, and 22 K per tola. The prevailing value of gold in Pakistan and other countries of the world has always been a much sought-after item both for men and women of all ages. Gold rates vary daily as it is one of the most loved and precious elements in Pakistan. ForRead More →

After the recession that accompanied the gold market in Saudi Arabia, those markets have begun to see a recovery and a rise in demand for purchase, since the holy month of Ramadan, which some gold traders attributed this to the movement of pilgrims, and weddings after Eid al-Fitr next. Traders said gold and jewelry that their sales have begun to see a recovery from the recession subsidized purchases of pilgrims, as the percentage of the recovery and the increase in sales of 25 percent so far, especially from Arab countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, and a number of African countries in general, followed by arrivalsRead More →

Gold prices dropped during the Asian session today to prepare this fall for the third consecutive session and that with the continued reluctance of investors for precious commodities in light of the growing popularity of buying government bonds because they provide the benefit, unlike investing in gold. At exactly at 03:20 GMT, the price of gold traded at $ 1182.40 an ounce after recording the highest at $ 1183.90 an ounce and the lowest level at $ 1181.00 an ounce comes after prices fell yesterday to its lowest level in three days at $ 1177.90 an ounce. Financial markets have seen this week on theRead More →

Record the official price of 24 carat gold in Saudi Arabia today 146.4 riyals, while 22 carat reached 134.2 riyals. The official price of 21 carat gold Today 128.1 riyals, while 18 carat reached 109.8 riyals. A kilogram of gold and as much as today B146393.75 riyals, the equivalent of $ 39026.89, while the price of an ounce of gold stood at 4553.46 riyals, the equivalent of $ 1213.9, and the pounds of gold, bringing to 1024.8 riyals, the equivalent of $ 273.2.Read More →

Gold prices rise amid support US Federal Reserve

Gold prices saw also the US dollar fluctuations and clear through US trade yesterday, and the impact of the US Federal Reserve Board, which has had a cautious tone on the issue of raising interest rates soon meeting. Fluctuations increased unit because it did not issue the results as market expectations on the one hand and on the other hand confirmation of the Council on a more conservative outlook on the US economy and bring down the growth of the Council of the word “patience” of his statement led to pressure on the US dollar and gold prices directly. Gold prices are trading today inRead More →

This week will be like that preceded whatever gold ahead of Japan and the Bank of Canada on Wednesday, followed by a meeting on Thursday, more importantly what will result from the European Central Bank meeting of decisions on quantitative easing and finally the results of the Greek elections on Sunday program. Today with the holiday of Martin Luther King liquidity look weak in the yellow metal as it dropped gold trading at 1275 levels after hitting the highest levels on Friday to test the level of 1282. In the meantime, gold continued to benefit from the demand for it as a safe haven afterRead More →

Gold on track for $1,300 following removal of cap on Swiss franc

Gold It is likely to break the US $ 1,300 investors rush to hedge risks and buy safe-haven assets in the wake of the Swiss currency disorders. “I got people to get rid of dollars, and bought gold after the Swiss franc move and drop the euro,” said Mohammed Shakarchi, owner of Gold Emirates Dubai-based refinery. “Everyone has been affected by what was done by Switzerland.” Since the SNB’s surprise move on Thursday to abandon the roof of the franc against the euro and gold it has advanced more than 4.5 per cent. Spot gold closed transactions in the $ 1,275.50 on Friday on theRead More →

LONDON (Reuters) – Gold rose to its highest level in three weeks on Tuesday as stock markets affected by the fall in oil prices and growing concern about the future of Greece in the euro zone, which prompted investors to rush to buy the yellow metal. Continued sell-off in European stocks after landing on Monday with energy stocks fell in light of falling oil prices to their lowest level in five and a half years. And pay landing investors to buy low-risk assets such as US and German government bonds and the yen and gold, offsetting the negative impact of the rise of the dollar.Read More →