Gold was little changed on Friday, heading for its biggest weekly drop in seven weeks as investors sought higher returns than the metal by buying into riskier assets. Spot gold was up 0.1% at $ 1264.86 an ounce, while US gold futures rose 0.1% to $ 1266.80. Gold is heading for a weekly loss of about 1.5%, which will be the biggest one week in percentage since the week ending March 10th, but is heading towards a monthly increase of 1.3%. Silver rose 0.6% in spot trade to $ 17.32 an ounce after touching a one-and-a-half-month low of $ 17.19 in the previous session. PalladiumRead More →

Gold recorded a drop in the beginning of the trading week in the financial markets

Gold drop two percent on Monday, with the rise of the dollar and investor appetite for risk, but the precious yellow metal is still higher than $ 1200 per ounce after a rally this month pushed prices to their highest levels in a year. And it contributed to concerns about the financial stability and re-evaluate expectations for higher US interest rates to achieve the gold better than most asset performance since the beginning of the year and posted a gain of 15 percent. The decline in gold on the spot market two percent to $ 1204.30 an ounce by 1113 GMT. And record gold simpleRead More →

Gold rose on Friday, but he is heading the biggest weekly losses in five weeks to incur with the release of strong US economic data reinforced the rationale for raising interest rates in the near term. And undermined expectations of higher interest rates soon attractiveness of assets that do not generate interest, such as gold which may explain the decline in metal from its highest level in seven weeks hit in recent times despite the descent of global equities due to fears of a slowdown in the Chinese economy. And it was amended US economic growth rate to be lifted up in the second quarterRead More →

Gold prices fell slightly on Monday but remained near its highest level in nearly seven weeks since prompted concerns about the slowing Chinese economy, investors’ aversion to assets that involve risks and direction to the assets that they see a safe haven. Asian stocks fell to their lowest level in three years Binmahptt dollar prices of industrial goods from copper to oil to Odnymistoyatea since 2009. And the decline in the spot price of gold contracts 0.6 percent to $ 1153.20 an ounce by 0638 GMT Jrenchbad that reached its highest level during the day at $ 1165.11 an ounce Phippdaah trading. But the declineRead More →

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5 central banks around the world are still voracious to buy gold despite a sharp decline from the yellow metal in recent months, especially in the end of June. This prompted central banks decline to reduce gold reserves during the current year with the exception of these five banks, which boosted its purchases during the first half of 2015, and adopted the site the latest World Gold Council data released in August.  China China’s sixth has the largest gold reserves in the world, and with the exception Monetary Fund and the Asian country with the fifth to become the largest gold stocks, China’s central andRead More →

World Gold Council said on Thursday that the demand for gold has reached its lowest level in six years in the second quarter of this year. The council said that the demand fell by 12% to 914.9 tons and decreased buying jewelry in general by 14% and decreased investment in the precious metal by 11% as central banks buy him dropped by 13%. The Council pointed out that half of this decline occurred in the two countries, China and India, where the purchase was down in China, which is the largest consumer of gold in the world by 3% because of fears of slowing economicRead More →

Gold recorded a drop in the beginning of the trading week in the financial markets

Gold prices fell on Monday, the European market at the beginning of the week after last week recorded the largest monthly loss since June 2013, and prices fell with the rise in the US dollar ahead of data on expenditure in the United States may increase the expectations of raising US interest rates in September next September. Gold trading by 10:05 GMT, around $ 1092.73 per ounce from the time the opening level of $ 1095.66, and recorded the highest level of $ 1097.65, and a low of $ 1091.90. The Finish precious metal trading on Friday, up by 0.7 percent within the corrections afterRead More →

Gold falls after suffering the biggest monthly loss in two years

Gold prices fell on Monday after suffering the largest losses in two years in July, with the rise of the dollar and as investors awaited US economic data could boost expectations for higher US interest rates soon. The price of gold fell 0.9 percent in spot transactions to $ 1086.06 an ounce by the time 1902 GMT, after falling to $ 1077 on the 24th of July, the lowest level in five and a half years. The yellow metal has about seven percent of its value in July, the largest monthly loss since June 2013. The price of gold fell for the sixth straight weekRead More →

Gold prices fell to their lowest level in five years on Friday with exposure to pressure from a stronger dollar and expectations of an increase in US interest rates this year and with the purchase of China’s less-than-expected amount of the precious metal over the past six years … -ourgem Chinese statement about reducing reserves of gold and influence it almost directly However, in another statement noted that he is still working on the procurement process, taking advantage of the current low prices Gold prices fell today to the lowest level in five years at $ 1085 and soon came back to settle above theRead More →

Gold reduces losses after falling more than 4%

Gold pared its losses after it fell about four percent to its lowest level in more than five years Monday This coincided with the sell-off in China’s largest consumer of the precious yellow metal in the world in light of the growing expectations for higher interest rates in the United States, which formed a new blow to the status of gold as a safe haven for investment. Gold fell to $ 1088.05 an ounce (an ounce), recording the weakest level since March 2010 after he opened the Shanghai Gold Exchange shortly, where volumes rose to a record level. And the decline in the gold spotRead More →