Gold took advantage of US retail data rises above resistance levels

Before going to invest in gold you have to learn a lot about the most are safe to invest in gold, which find useful in the long term must roads Gold is considered one of the most attractive investments in the world, due to a high peak in the market in gold is considered one of the most profitable in the world limbs .. The many wars between nations have arisen because of the struggle for possession of the yellow metal. Um today it has changed you can Temtk yellow metal without fighting wars Just buy gold in various Ashklh or in the form ofRead More →

Gold Met Pixley sharps and sounding very bullish on the gold price in 2015, saying it was “out on a limb” to predict the yellow metal on average $ 1,321 an ounce, to reach the highest level of $ 1,450 and the lowest at $ 1,170. Predict the expectations of minerals survey precious annual London Bullion Market Association, says Pixley sharps, which prognisticator leading gold, that while taking into account the higher interest rate in the United States already in the price, it sees lower ongoing economic growth “, prompting central banks to combat deflation by resorting inflationary pressures in H2 “. Also expects goodRead More →

Each week, we prepare a selection of newsworthy events to which the current market can explained, somewhat. This week is no exception, save one difference, that being so many want to see/hear some kind of look into the prospects for the year ahead. Our look ahead starts with a rear view mirror look back at 2014. In hindsight, we began 2014 with a positive outlook, but that quickly changed into the view that 2014 could turn out to be just like 2013…no big rally. On that score, we were on point. Before engaging in a review, we have abandoned providing any background news, this week,Read More →

The yellow metal market witnessed wide fluctuations in price in 2014. In the New Year, investors can look forward to relatively lower gold price in the international market, as some of the biggest gold investors and gold reserve holders may sell the metal to tide over current financial pressure from lower oil prices. Speaking to ‘Emirates24|7’, leading gold and jewellery investors and traders said the price fluctuation in 2014 and the lower gold prices by the year-end is a welcome trend and gold price may continue to remain low in the New Year. Gold jewellery retail sales in Dubai will increase by at least 25Read More →