Gold was little changed on Friday, heading for its biggest weekly drop in seven weeks as investors sought higher returns than the metal by buying into riskier assets. Spot gold was up 0.1% at $ 1264.86 an ounce, while US gold futures rose 0.1% to $ 1266.80. Gold is heading for a weekly loss of about 1.5%, which will be the biggest one week in percentage since the week ending March 10th, but is heading towards a monthly increase of 1.3%. Silver rose 0.6% in spot trade to $ 17.32 an ounce after touching a one-and-a-half-month low of $ 17.19 in the previous session. PalladiumRead More →

Gold prices are trying to return to rise again, but can not, as it continues to decline at a limited scale in today’s trading due this to a lack of investor appetite for the support and buy gold, and gold has witnessed over the past week, the movement of the volatility and the decline limited within the correction in all markets Finance. Currently, gold is trading at $ 1223.0 per ounce from the opening level in today’s session at $ 1225.50 an ounce, has been hitting a low of $ 1226.10 an ounce and the lowest level at 1226.10 dollars per ounce. Come fluctuation andRead More →

Gold recorded a drop in the beginning of the trading week in the financial markets

Gold drop two percent on Monday, with the rise of the dollar and investor appetite for risk, but the precious yellow metal is still higher than $ 1200 per ounce after a rally this month pushed prices to their highest levels in a year. And it contributed to concerns about the financial stability and re-evaluate expectations for higher US interest rates to achieve the gold better than most asset performance since the beginning of the year and posted a gain of 15 percent. The decline in gold on the spot market two percent to $ 1204.30 an ounce by 1113 GMT. And record gold simpleRead More →

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According to “Gold and Jewellery Group” in Dubai, that the gold and jewelery sales in the UAE market, amounted to 16 billion dirhams, over the past year, compared to the previous year 2014 registered a growth of almost 5%. The group explained that the total decline recorded by the yellow metal prices worldwide proportions, and reached nearly 38% over the past four years. And predicted “Gold and Jewellery Group,” that gold jewelry sales are recorded in the country’s growth rates of between 2 and 3%, during the current year. he emphasized that the import of gold the size of the UAE, an estimated 240 tonsRead More →

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According to Department of Economic Development in Dubai, it has established a strategic partnership with «the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group» partnership to unify the display price lists electronically in the sale of gold and jewelery outlets. Stressed that this procedure to confirm ensure standardization of the pricing of gold in retail outlets, and enhance transparency in buying and selling. She pointed out that it will be displayed lists of gold prices in about 500 outlets early 2016, it is expected to increase the number of stores to more than 1,000 outlets by the end of next year. It will display lists the price ofRead More →

Gold is suffering from losses incurred last night and it seems that threatened to fall to levels not seen for several years due to expectations of higher US interest rates this week. It starts the Federal Reserve (Fed) last meeting of the year later in the day amid widespread expectations that declares at the end of the two-day meeting, which raised interest rates for the first time since June 2006. It is expected to raise interest rates undermines demand for gold, which does not generate interest and at the same time supporting the dollar. Gold lost ten percent of its value already since the beginningRead More →

Gold rose on Friday, but he is heading the biggest weekly losses in five weeks to incur with the release of strong US economic data reinforced the rationale for raising interest rates in the near term. And undermined expectations of higher interest rates soon attractiveness of assets that do not generate interest, such as gold which may explain the decline in metal from its highest level in seven weeks hit in recent times despite the descent of global equities due to fears of a slowdown in the Chinese economy. And it was amended US economic growth rate to be lifted up in the second quarterRead More →

Gold prices fell slightly on Monday but remained near its highest level in nearly seven weeks since prompted concerns about the slowing Chinese economy, investors’ aversion to assets that involve risks and direction to the assets that they see a safe haven. Asian stocks fell to their lowest level in three years Binmahptt dollar prices of industrial goods from copper to oil to Odnymistoyatea since 2009. And the decline in the spot price of gold contracts 0.6 percent to $ 1153.20 an ounce by 0638 GMT Jrenchbad that reached its highest level during the day at $ 1165.11 an ounce Phippdaah trading. But the declineRead More →

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There are many ways to invest in gold Gold is a precious metal and has a high monetary value. Gold is used for the manufacture of jewelry and coins. It was also used as a form of currency in many societies before the advent of notes and coins. Due to their high value, and investing in gold can be a profitable project. Buy shares in a gold mining company Register with a stock broker who will advise you on the companies that you should buy its shares. If you feel that you have the ability to search and take such decisions on your own, youRead More →