Month: August 2015

Gold at its highest level in 7 weeks

Gold prices fell slightly on Monday but remained near its highest level in nearly seven weeks since prompted concerns about the slowing Chinese economy, investors’ aversion to assets that involve risks and direction to the assets that they see a safe haven. Asian stocks fell to their lowest level in three years Binmahptt dollar prices

5 countries continuing to buy gold

5 central banks around the world are still voracious to buy gold despite a sharp decline from the yellow metal in recent months, especially in the end of June. This prompted central banks decline to reduce gold reserves during the current year with the exception of these five banks, which boosted its purchases during the

7 Factors lead to lower gold prices

Report published by the newspaper «Financial Times» considered that fact turned to gold investment recently sexy frustration should not be a surprise for investors around the world where there are seven reasons why the precious metal lost its luster for investment. The report pointed out that the fall in prices of the yellow metal came

Gold prices rise before US jobs report

Gold prices saw a rise during Thursday’s trading session comes ahead of a report tomorrow the government functions from the US economy, this comes with the dollar fell somewhat during the American trading session today under ready market for the employment data. Gold prices are trading at $ 1091.70 an ounce after recording the highest