Gold rose on Friday, but he is heading the biggest weekly losses in five weeks to incur with the release of strong US economic data reinforced the rationale for raising interest rates in the near term. And undermined expectations of higher interest rates soon attractiveness of assets that do not generate interest, such as gold which may explain the decline in metal from its highest level in seven weeks hit in recent times despite the descent of global equities due to fears of a slowdown in the Chinese economy. And it was amended US economic growth rate to be lifted up in the second quarterRead More →

Gold prices fell slightly on Monday but remained near its highest level in nearly seven weeks since prompted concerns about the slowing Chinese economy, investors’ aversion to assets that involve risks and direction to the assets that they see a safe haven. Asian stocks fell to their lowest level in three years Binmahptt dollar prices of industrial goods from copper to oil to Odnymistoyatea since 2009. And the decline in the spot price of gold contracts 0.6 percent to $ 1153.20 an ounce by 0638 GMT Jrenchbad that reached its highest level during the day at $ 1165.11 an ounce Phippdaah trading. But the declineRead More →

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There are many ways to invest in gold Gold is a precious metal and has a high monetary value. Gold is used for the manufacture of jewelry and coins. It was also used as a form of currency in many societies before the advent of notes and coins. Due to their high value, and investing in gold can be a profitable project. Buy shares in a gold mining company Register with a stock broker who will advise you on the companies that you should buy its shares. If you feel that you have the ability to search and take such decisions on your own, youRead More →

30% decline in the purchase of gold during the second quarter

Demand for buying gold jewelery dip in Egypt by 30% during the second quarter of 2015, compared to the same period last year For his part, the “World Gold Council” that Egypt’s consumption of gold jewelery rate of 8 tons, compared with 11.4 tons in the period of comparison. He drew the Council, to the decline in global demand for gold to its lowest level in six years, during the second quarter of this year, stressing that the largest buyers of gold are still avoid buying the precious metal with the approach of its price to its lowest level. It is noteworthy that, India andRead More →

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5 central banks around the world are still voracious to buy gold despite a sharp decline from the yellow metal in recent months, especially in the end of June. This prompted central banks decline to reduce gold reserves during the current year with the exception of these five banks, which boosted its purchases during the first half of 2015, and adopted the site the latest World Gold Council data released in August.  China China’s sixth has the largest gold reserves in the world, and with the exception Monetary Fund and the Asian country with the fifth to become the largest gold stocks, China’s central andRead More →

World Gold Council said on Thursday that the demand for gold has reached its lowest level in six years in the second quarter of this year. The council said that the demand fell by 12% to 914.9 tons and decreased buying jewelry in general by 14% and decreased investment in the precious metal by 11% as central banks buy him dropped by 13%. The Council pointed out that half of this decline occurred in the two countries, China and India, where the purchase was down in China, which is the largest consumer of gold in the world by 3% because of fears of slowing economicRead More →

Gold took advantage of US retail data rises above resistance levels

Before going to invest in gold you have to learn a lot about the most are safe to invest in gold, which find useful in the long term must roads Gold is considered one of the most attractive investments in the world, due to a high peak in the market in gold is considered one of the most profitable in the world limbs .. The many wars between nations have arisen because of the struggle for possession of the yellow metal. Um today it has changed you can Temtk yellow metal without fighting wars Just buy gold in various Ashklh or in the form ofRead More →

Gold falls after suffering the biggest monthly loss in two years

Report published by the newspaper «Financial Times» considered that fact turned to gold investment recently sexy frustration should not be a surprise for investors around the world where there are seven reasons why the precious metal lost its luster for investment. The report pointed out that the fall in prices of the yellow metal came in the context of a series of developments that have impacted negatively on the move despite the conflict of significance in some cases. The report pointed out that gold record shortage in unusual sensitivity to various geopolitical shocks that have occurred recently, such as concerns over the euro zone againstRead More →

Gold recorded a drop in the beginning of the trading week in the financial markets

Gold prices saw a rise during Thursday’s trading session comes ahead of a report tomorrow the government functions from the US economy, this comes with the dollar fell somewhat during the American trading session today under ready market for the employment data. Gold prices are trading at $ 1091.70 an ounce after recording the highest at $ 1093.20 an ounce and was opened today’s session at $ 1084.10 per ounce after it recorded the lowest level at $ 1082.70 an ounce. Higher gold prices during the day’s trading session comes a correction in gold levels, which saw a significant drop during the last period, whereRead More →