Gold is trading below the price of $ 1100 per ounce ahead of the conclusion of the Fed meeting

Gold prices settled below the price of $ 1,100 per ounce on Wednesday, as investors awaited the outcome of the monetary policy meeting scheduled for later in the session in search of new indicators about the timing of a rate hike. On the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange, December gold rose for December delivery rose 1.00 cents, or the equivalent of 0.09%, to trade at $ 1.097.70 an ounce European morning trading. A day earlier, gold fell 20 cents, or the equivalent of 0.02%, to close at 1.096.70 futures fell to their lowest price in five and a half years at $Read More →

Step by step .. let you know how to invest in gold bullion

When you see the pictures in the economic programs of workers who transfer gold bullion you are wondering: Do you invest in gold bullion that I can? Do check and that the way the super-rich? And it is available for individuals to obtain and invest in gold bullion, or is it the preserve of governments to be just reserves, which no one knows the answer is that many gold bullion available to everyone, and is a safe haven for investment. Before going into the steps to invest in gold bullion, should offer specifications real gold bullion, gold Valsbakh is a piece of high-purity gold, madeRead More →

With the stock market changes, and weak economic performance, many investors were interested in the idea of ​​investing in gold itself issued after gold headlines following a drop in its price. Gold prices suffered because of their link to the dollar as the US dollar has increased strength against other currencies when the dollar increases, less than the price of gold. Always talking about the need for investors to have a diversified portfolio to help them protect themselves against the fall of the stock and the loss of money. In gold in this case the forces of investment, where the gold is associated negatively withRead More →

Gold loses its luster

It was clear that we have entered a new phase of speculative in gold, which is based on a combination of factors most notably the promotion of some of the phrases that does not understand the nature or significance vast audience of small investors, most notably that gold is the only safe haven in this world, and the world was in war, and everyone was vulnerable to homelessness and eviction from his work or place of residence so that gold is a safe haven within the sandal weight and Ola price. A safe haven for whom? And why? Must not question him chanting of thisRead More →

Easily ?

Generally buy top buyers of gold and institutions of the big banks. And London are instant global market for gold as the center is settled trading at about $ 20 billion through the settlement system in the London daily. To avoid the risk of cost and security risks not being transferred usually gold, and transactions are settled through paper transfers. Another key Instant markets for gold are: India, China, and the Middle East, Singapore, Turkey, Italy, and the United States. 2. futures markets: Investors can also enter the market through the futures exchanges; as investors trading contracts to buy or sell a particular commodity atRead More →

Gold prices fell to their lowest level in five years on Friday with exposure to pressure from a stronger dollar and expectations of an increase in US interest rates this year and with the purchase of China’s less-than-expected amount of the precious metal over the past six years … -ourgem Chinese statement about reducing reserves of gold and influence it almost directly However, in another statement noted that he is still working on the procurement process, taking advantage of the current low prices Gold prices fell today to the lowest level in five years at $ 1085 and soon came back to settle above theRead More →

Gold prices continue to decline, where it touched intraday high of $ 1085.90 an ounce and this with the release of both positive US data, existing homes for the month of June sales, which were better than expected and the past, and on this basis the US dollar index to rise by 0.42%, indicating support who gets it to rise against major currencies and commodities task. The experts Vkano may Oharo earlier in the day that the fall in gold prices to below $ 1086 gives the signal for the further decline and the continuity of the wave of negative, however, prices may tend accordingRead More →

Gold approached its lowest level in five years on Tuesday, with expectations of more losses in the coming months in the wake of a wave of sell-off on Monday where bettors investors sold on falling prices about 33 tons of the yellow metal in just two minutes. And broke the sudden sell-off in Shanghai and New York, where dealers launched a wave of sell orders within one minute after a short period of open Shanghai Gold Exchange. Within another minute deals completed to pay US Gold futures drop to $ 48 to $ 1080 per ounce (an ounce) registered the weakest level since February 2010.Read More →

Gold took advantage of US retail data rises above resistance levels

Investing in gold is a process quite easy, today Fbalamkan investment by many banks in the world, where you can buy And sale of gold on a daily basis, this is the method among the top investors in the world’s gold, of course, intended to trade gold Bookiet Stored in international banks, while also possible to trade gold in other ways such as trading in cosmetic jewelery or any other things made of this metal. I want to invest in gold, what are the first steps? Trading in gold require you to the opening of trading in the global banking account, or through electronic bankingRead More →

Gold reduces losses after falling more than 4%

Gold pared its losses after it fell about four percent to its lowest level in more than five years Monday This coincided with the sell-off in China’s largest consumer of the precious yellow metal in the world in light of the growing expectations for higher interest rates in the United States, which formed a new blow to the status of gold as a safe haven for investment. Gold fell to $ 1088.05 an ounce (an ounce), recording the weakest level since March 2010 after he opened the Shanghai Gold Exchange shortly, where volumes rose to a record level. And the decline in the gold spotRead More →