buying gold in Dubai

Dubai know in all its markets around the world famous as traders sell all kinds of goods ranging from unique fabrics and down to the spices in the historic shopping district. The shopping experience in the market has become very attractive totally  provided, which promises shopping experience differ markedly from those in the business will enjoy our centers. While embodies all of the spices and fabrics market trials   enthusiasm and vitality, not in front of you only one option to do  successful: Dubai Gold Souk Underwent this market, which was considered in the previous Old-style evolution over time, and the transformation of a classicRead More →

Gold rose on Monday as a result of growing fears about a possible failure of Greece to repay the debt, which has plagued European stocks and the euro gained, but the yellow metal did not succeed in achieving significant gains because investors continue to worry about the distant future. European stocks tumbled more than 2 percent as the single currency fell with the closure of banks in Greece and ATMs, while more rumors spread after the collapse of talks between Athens and its lenders. Initially gold that usually benefit from the uncertainty in the financial markets rose, to its highest level in a week atRead More →

Gold on track for $1,300 following removal of cap on Swiss franc

With the start of the trading week, the financial market, gold opened the session today morning on achieving significantly higher price gap pursues a bullish trend. Today the market has seen investors’ appetite for the yellow metal as a safe-haven metal and escape from the fear controlling them on the crisis Greece and anticipation of investment movement in the euro zone. This has missed the day to risk appetite on the back of Greece crisis as trading saw investors sold Asian stocks and to support and invest in the yellow metal. This comes after the worsening Greek crisis and near its declaration of bankruptcy andRead More →

Gold prices surged in trading today, with the trend of investors for the acquisition of safe-haven assets, after heightened concerns over the possibility of a Greek exit from the membership, “the euro zone”. And prompt delivery rose gold price by about 0.3%, down to $ 1179 an ounce, as the futures price of the precious metal increased by about 0.3%, to $ 1177.4 an ounce. The Greek government announced restrictions on capital movements in the country, and the suspension of the work of banks for a week, and stop trading on the stock exchange today, after ministers refused to finance “the euro zone”, to extendRead More →

The price of gold has not changed in late trade on Friday after the hue to its lowest level in three weeks and that by buying to cover short positions operations at the end of the week amid an atmosphere of caution ahead of a last-minute talks on Greece at the weekend with affected prices feelings of anxiety about the prospects for the precious metal on the the long-term. The Greece failed again on Thursday to reach an agreement with international creditors is due to make a final attempt on Saturday to avoid default next week. And went down in the spot price of goldRead More →

Gold prices rose slightly during the Asian session today in the light of attempts to recover after the Great Depression that we saw yesterday, during which reached its lowest level in three sessions on the growing popularity of the expense of the dollar and the approach of Greece to reach agreement with creditors Europeans. Promptly at 03:30 GMT, the price of gold traded at $ 1186.00 an ounce after recording the highest at $ 1187.70 an ounce and the lowest level at $ 1184.70 an ounce and was meeting today opened at the level of $ 1185.40 an ounce, while on the other hand, goldRead More →

Chinese Daily newspaper reported that Bank of China will become the first bank in Asia involved in determining the price of gold on the world market which will enhance the influence of Chinese enterprises in the international market for this precious metal. Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) announced two days ago, their consent to the participation of the Bank of China, which is considered one of China’s largest state-owned banks, in gold pricing at London’s Association of alloy , so that it became involved directly in the pricing went InterContinental London Stock Exchange . The gold market in London is pricing gold for immediate delivery a globalRead More →

Gold jumps above $ 1,200 an ounce by the Federal Reserve warned the weakness of the dollar

LONDON / NEW YORK (Reuters) – gold jump above $ 1,200 an ounce on Thursday, its biggest increase for one day in almost a month with the US dollar falling after the Federal Reserve indicated that interest rates in the United States may rise at a slower pace than expected Many. And the rise of a strong push to the market in early trading silver to their highest level in two weeks, although buying in platinum and palladium lost momentum in late afternoon trading. The Bank analyst Ole Hansen, Saxo “This is all about Federal Reserve and declining expectations for higher interest.” The makers ofRead More →

Gold prices rose on a large scale European market on Thursday registered its highest level in two weeks with the US currency falling hit by the disappointing statement the Federal Reserve trimmed expectations of raising US interest rates by September next September. Gold trading by 08:47 GMT, around $ 1195.74 an ounce time of the opening level of $ 1185.00, and recorded the highest level of $ 1197.79 highest in two weeks, and a minimum of $ 1183.52. Download the dollar index, which measures the US currency’s performance against a basket of currencies for the second day in a row and lost about 0.7 percentRead More →

Gold prices rose sharply Thursday, as investors’ expectations of higher interest rates in the United States fell after the conclusion of the Fed meeting. On the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange, August gold delivery rose / August rose to $ 10.60 per ounce, or the equivalent of 0.9%, to trade at $ 1,187.40 per ounce during European morning trade, after recording the highest at the meeting by $ 1,188.40 per ounce . A day earlier, gold prices fell 4.10 cents, or the equivalent of 0.35%, to close at $ 1,167.80 an ounce, gold is likely to find support at $ 1,171.90 perRead More →