Gold is a precious metals which have been known for thousands of years, and can exist freely in nature, or mixed with other elements, a glossy and heavy element, and a softer metals, found in rivers and rock deposits. Gold retains its value because it affects the monetary policies, the global economy and often depends on the price of gold up and down. Gold is one of the months metals used in making jewelry, and used for decoration women throughout the ages, and is synthesized and handle it in the form of alloy, which is a block of pure gold, which are fused to manufacturingRead More →

gold mining process

Gold is a precious metal, one of the types of metals and chemical element symbol (Au), and the atomic number is 79, a metal soft and shiny, and is yellow in color, it has been used since ancient times as a kind of mutual exchange between peoples and traders. There is gold in nature in the river bottoms in the form of granules, also located inside the rocks, or may be found in the form of veins within the Earth’s interior, which is usually found with other metals as a metal copper, or lead, which is characterized by Benahumich, chemical and density, and the lackRead More →

Best Ways to Clean Gold and Jewelry Polishing at Home

Gold And Jewellery Words have their charm as it combines with it beauty and adornment and wealth, they are not just accessories can be neglected or throw it in one day and maintain their luster and brightness end in itself for each of the acquired, as the dirt on the jewelry pieces are accumulations of dust and cosmetics and perfume oils and creams and cleaning materials, and methods of cleaning it is not difficult and complex and can be completed at home if he wishes owner or sent to replace the drafting of the gold to clean it. How to Polishing and Clean Jewelry atRead More →

UAE Gold Rate 22k Per Gram

UAE Gold prices declines yesterday, ranged from $ 1.75 and AED 2.5 per gram compared to gold prices last weekend in Dubai Gold Souq and Abu Dhabi Gold SouK in what is the second consecutive decline in two weeks with a total decline of 3.5 dirhams. According to officials shops to sell gold jewelry, that markets are currently in a state of slow sales despite the decline in gold prices for two consecutive weeks, pointing out that the start of preparation for the season summer vacations and busy traders prepare for Ramadan, making the markets are very weak movement in demand for retail outlets. AndRead More →

Gold climbs as year-end jitters knock stocks, dollar

The price of gold rebounded yesterday as the dollar fell slightly lower European stocks, as well as the erosion of optimism about a possible deal between Greece and creditors. The price of gold rose 0.2% in spot transactions to $ 1190.20 an ounce, after hitting its lowest level in two weeks at $ 1183.76 in the previous session due to the rise of the dollar. The price of gold in US futures contracts for June delivery of $ 2.70 to $ 1188.30 an ounce. The analyst said in «Commerzbank», Daniel Preezman, that «there is some support from the situation in Greece, but do not expectRead More →

Gold prices traded during the Asian session on Thursday near the lowest level in two weeks, so with the dollar continuing to rise in the financial markets as well as demand for the precious metal as a safe haven decline in the markets. At exactly at 03:15 GMT, the price of gold traded at $ 1187.90 an ounce after recording the highest at $ 1189.70 an ounce and the lowest level at $ 1187.20 an ounce, comes after gold prices fell yesterday to its lowest level in two weeks at the level of $ 1183.90 an ounce. Gold lost its advantage as a safe havenRead More →

After the contrast and cohesion experienced by the price of gold since the beginning of this week above $ 1200, collapsed the price of gold with the opening of Asian markets to fall to levels close to the support line at $ 1195 per ounce and either ahead of the release of US data, including consumer confidence and new home sales index declined price sharply But yesterday to $ 1186 level where these data were positively and rose by more expectations which made the dollar index complements of his career to the top. But analysts and experts They were have pointed out that the goldRead More →

Gold prices rise amid support US Federal Reserve

Gold prices fell through instant transactions, on Tuesday, below the level of $ 1,200 for the first time in nine days, due to the rise of the dollar against major currencies amid mounting speculation that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in July or September 2015. Gold fell in the spot trading by 12:30 (GMT), at $ 14.85 by about 1.23% to $ 1191.65 an ounce. The dollar index against a basket of six major currencies, was 0.85% up to the level of 96.925, the highest level in a month. Dollar and completed his rise amid the release of economic data, last week, risingRead More →

The sharp decline in gold prices over the past week led to Antdy price and touches the level of $ 1199 an ounce after what was touching above levels near $ 1230, and the day Vavcth gold trading weekly on the diagonal contrast to the ups and despite the strength of the dollar and rising US dollar index, however, Gold cohesion above $ 1203 levels due to the closure of some European markets and the Memorial holiday in the United States. But analysts and experts referring to those the possibility of the rise of the dollar, especially with the increase in purchases of after profit-takingRead More →

Gold price settled Thursday with the dollar’s decline , following the publication of the minutes of the Fed meeting, which excluded the US central bank to raise interest rates in June. By 1011 GMT, the price of gold settled in spot transactions unchanged at $ 1208.46 an ounce, while the price of the metal, rose in the US futures contracts for delivery in June, 0.1 percent to $ 1209.50 an ounce. The minutes showed the Fed meeting in April, which was published Wednesday, that the bank’s policy-makers believe that it is premature to raise interest rates in June. This view prevailed in the market, followingRead More →