Record the official price of 24 carat gold in Saudi Arabia today 146.4 riyals, while 22 carat reached 134.2 riyals. The official price of 21 carat gold Today 128.1 riyals, while 18 carat reached 109.8 riyals. A kilogram of gold and as much as today B146393.75 riyals, the equivalent of $ 39026.89, while the price of an ounce of gold stood at 4553.46 riyals, the equivalent of $ 1213.9, and the pounds of gold, bringing to 1024.8 riyals, the equivalent of $ 273.2.Read More →

Gold price was down 2% in 2014

Gold continues to rise during trading on Friday, succeeded in transcending the level of $ 1,200 an ounce, supported by the rise of the holdings of exchange-traded products backed by the precious metal to the highest rate in 6 weeks. Rose gold holdings, which supports traded in capital markets products by about 3.9 metric tons, the highest rate since February last, according to data told Bloomberg. And moving the yellow metal to record weekly decline in spite of this climb, because of the losses it suffered during the past sessions after the US central bank meeting minutes which revealed differing views of its members onRead More →

Gold prices Dubai recorded limited decline Rouht worth between 25 and 50 fils per gram compared to prices last weekend Dubai price of gold in grams 24k AED 144.75 a decrease of 50 fils compared to its rate last week, while the price of gram total of 22K AED 137.5, a decline of $ 25 fils, while the price of Gram arrived from a 21K to AED 131.75 carats, a decrease of 25 fils, while the price of gram total of 18 carat AED 114 with a drop of 25 fils. Markets are currently experiencing slower in demand for buying jewelry, bullion, with the declineRead More →

Gold prices register some profits ahead of the weekend

Gold prices rose today at the end of the week after four losing sessions to trade in the middle of European trading at $ 1203.28 per ounce so far unrealized earnings ratio of 0.75%. This increase comes despite the continuing US dollar in the upside as traders take advantage of last trading day of the week taken it to some of the profits that they have achieved during the week. District US $ 1,200 region remain the most important for traders, where the case has been breached in this area to the lowest traders can put pressure on the price of gold again. The directionRead More →

Gold prices fell for the third straight session Thursday, with the rise of the dollar after the comments of officials, Federal Reserve (Fed) kept its outlook for an increase in interest rates this year, despite the weak economic data recently released. The yellow metal has continued to decline from its highest price in seven weeks hit last Monday when Expectations were high that postpones the Fed raise interest rates after US jobs disappointing data released on Friday. Showed the latest Meeting Minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee American which was held on 17, March 18 / March that Fed officials are opening the door toRead More →

Gold rises after weak US data

Gold rose more than one percent on Wednesday, as the dollar fell following the release of weak jobs data in the US, has raised speculation that the Federal Reserve (the US central bank) may be more cautious in tightening monetary policy. 0.1 percent and the dollar down against the basket of major currencies after Tgarirodaf expected on jobs by the company “” and Otharalamkhaov that the official jobs data due for release on Friday may also refer to the deterioration of labor market conditions. And increased spot price of gold 1.5 percent to the highest level in the session to $ 1200.40 an ounce (anRead More →