Month: April 2015

Gold Prices in Saudi Arabia Today

Record the official price of 24 carat gold in Saudi Arabia today 146.4 riyals, while 22 carat reached 134.2 riyals. The official price of 21 carat gold Today 128.1 riyals, while 18 carat reached 109.8 riyals. A kilogram of gold and as much as today B146393.75 riyals, the equivalent of $ 39026.89, while the price

Gold rises after weak US data

Gold rose more than one percent on Wednesday, as the dollar fell following the release of weak jobs data in the US, has raised speculation that the Federal Reserve (the US central bank) may be more cautious in tightening monetary policy. 0.1 percent and the dollar down against the basket of major currencies after Tgarirodaf